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This weekend I went to Krakow, Poland with my friends Mj and Siena! We took the overnight train Thursday night to get there. MJ and I had our own private cabin. We could not stop laughing about how small it was. Basically for both of us to stand up one of us had to be in the closet. Such a fun experience. The train left Prague at 9pm and we arrived into Krakow at 7:30am, dropped our luggage off, and headed to Auschwitz. Quite the ordeal. We ended up getting a private car there because we couldn’t figure out the bus/tour situation which we were really stoked about until we realized how expensive it was and later after a brief arguement/discussion we were afraid he was going to drop us off in the middle of nowhere. But anyways when we got to Auschwitz it was pouring rain. First we went to Auschwitz (where the famous sign “work will set you free” is.) Such a crazy experience. They showed us the execution wall, all the leftover clothes/personal belongings that the Nazis had collected from the prisioners, etc. Then we went to Birkenau which is where they had a ton of the huts where prisioners were kept, the railroad tracks where the selection process took place when people came in and doctors decided whether they would die or live. They also showed us the crematoriums, which were in ruins because before the Soviets came into the camp the Nazis set them on fire. Birkenau was what I had pictured of Aushwitz, completely dreary (with the help of the rain) and all surrounded by watch-towers and a huge fence. It was amazing to hear all the information from the guide- for example about 75% of people who came into the camp were sent to the gas chambers almost immediately after arrival. Unbelievable to think about.